CHAIN supplies advanced molecular tools and engineered strains developed at the Synthetic Biology Research Centre from the University of Nottingham. These tools and strains are available to academic and commercial users here.

Clostridium are an industrially and medically important genus of bacteria. These obligate anaerobes are not easy to manipulate on the genetic level. However, recently developed tools allow precision engineering of Clostridia. CHAIN is uniquely positioned to support your Clostridium focused research and help accelerate development and commercialisation of your new technologies and products.

CHAIN Biotechnology Ltd has built a unique and advanced Clostridium Technology Platform for a variety of attractive industrial, healthcare and nutritional markets. CHAIN has licensed a range of plasmid vectors and strains developed at the University of Nottingham’s Synthetic Biology Research Centre. These products are available to purchase through our CHAIN Biotools online store.

Academic customers can buy directly from our online store and do not require a licence to use these tools and strains, but must agree to the terms and conditions of sale.

Commercial customers can browse our shop and request a quote for products and the appropriate licences. CHAIN may also provide strain engineering services for your company using these tools. Please contact us to find out more.

Academic Customers

Commercial Customers